October 18, 2008

.a fun-filled weekend.

derek and i attempted a mraz song, lucky. :) weehee!

derek made us all "bah kut teh" tonite. we went to his place and had a good nite with all the awesome food and dessert. thanks derekz!! it was yummerzz!!

the nite before, sheensie and i decided to have a night out. i told myself i wanted to get hammered. [altho i knew i wouldnt really let myself get to that state] so leon took us and yumi to "little jumbo", where the cocktails were yuMmmmMmm... :)

zombie. the cocktail that's out there to kill. hahaHa leon had that, and got me a modified version of it cuz i wanted a minty taste and the hot bartender was up for the make-up-your-own-drink challenge. [awesome choice leon! ^^]

i was fine after emptying my taaaall glass, plus a couple of gulps from leon's. that was until we hit "embassy" and the music oozed its way into my head. i felt like i had all the energy in the world to dance the whole nite away! :)

it was a fun nite. im definitely going back to embassy next time.


۞ D! ۞ said...

kewl, we finally made it! hahaha. such an accomplishment.

jamez said...

wow, didn't know you could sing..

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol yea! finally!!

haHa jamez... does that mean i did it good? :P haHa thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Embassy??? Huh nothing can compare to Cheers!!!