October 5, 2008

.love, marriage and the whole she-bang.

worked 6 hours today and learnt quite a bit about the ladies' best friend, aka the diamond. apparently, the diamond is THE "symbol of love". its also known that the diamond's shine is the "fire" of love, and keeping the diamond shiny keeps the "fire" alive. ^^

oh, also, do u know why the wedding band is worn on the fourth finger on your left hand? :)

its because the egyptians believe the vena amoris (the vein of love) ran from the heart to the tip of that particular finger. (everybody! on 3!) *awwww* - but really, isnt that sweeet?!

if you're interested to know more about the wedding band, this should be a good start.

ANYWAY, dont worry. sherlene lee isnt thinking about marriage as yet. thats a tested and proven fact -

i tried on a half carat engagement diamond ring on my finger at work today and asked the girls at work whether they can see me with that ring on my finger. they said "actually, yess..." i looked at my finger some more and thought, "hmm... it does look pretty awesome"... seconds later, i started feeling a bit weird, only to realise it was nauseaness!! *brrrrr* - good thing i managed to control myself from swinging the $3,500 band off my finger... :)

ANYWAY, a line we were trained to tell the customers today was "she will love you forever if you gave her that gift!"... i gulped. FOREVER? - sigh. not that pretentious and fake 7 letter word again.

tell me, do i need to believe in the word before i can sell my jewellery? hmm. i hope not.

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