October 25, 2008

.scattered thoughts.

been listening to gabe bondoc these few days. cant help fallin for his voice. the song he wrote, "YTS"... i cant stop replaying it. :) i posted it here a couple of posts back.

ANYHOO, have u heard of a johari and a nohari window?

my friends have been circulating their windows around. so i thought, "mm... why not?"... so, if you've got the time to be honest, it'd be an honour -

# my johari (positive traits)
# my nohari (negative traits)

(oh.. girls, im sorry, i cant do ur noharis. its too... umm... much. :P)

alrite. im working tomoz. i shud go. im not feelin too great either, im thinking its becuz United just drew their match against everton [1-1], and im annoyed. :( hmmph!

btw... ^^ to sexy smses. :)

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