October 12, 2008

.cutting the hopeful link.

the other day, i found a slip of paper that i've stored away for over a month now. it was one of those "fortune" that had come from the baci chocolates mel bought me.

it read "love is like luck. it doesn't like to be chased."

stumbling upon it now of all times, i guess i should take it as a sign. hence, im taking a step back and ceasing all attempts to spark this link. gonna save myself from any further embarrassment. 21st centuary or not, im not gonna do all the work.

everyone knows i've tried and have fished for this fish enough; and if im smart... i really should pack my bags before i crash and burn.

besides, the ball in his court now.

p.s. my growing wisdom tooth is still tormenting me. to dentist or not to dentist, that is the question.


MsMusicJunkie said...


dude,that word verification thing so damn annoying.

mr jp said...

oh come on , some guys are just dense that way. Maybe he's a modern passive guy ? hahah ..that must be annoying.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

fineee... century!! :P

phoons.. whats a modern passive guy? u mean i shud be even moree forward? :S yer... dignity on the line...