October 30, 2008

.natural or expectations?.

a young dude on the bus got up for an older lady today. i know people do it all the time, but it still warmed my heart. when 2 seats became available, he ushered his gf to come sit with him... to which he got up to let his gf slide in before taking the aisle seat beside her. :) i thought "aww" to that little gesture.

guys may roll their eyes when they read this, but personally, gender equality or not, i feel [u may obviously think otherwise] that it should come naturally to a guy to -

x. let girls sit before they do,
x. let girls take window seats while they take the aisle [on any mode of transportation],
x. let girls take the booth seat in restaurants,
x. let girls walk out before they do [in elevators, doorways, even on the bus when with their girlfriend - yes, even when she's got the window seat],
x. hold the door and open them [cars, not necessarily - but bonus if he does],
x. offer to carry bags whether heavy or not,
x. walk on the outer side when walking along a road [i know ivan does this],
x. step up to kill insects when the girl screams [eventho they're scared too],
x. be protective and concerned over the safety of the girl they're hanging out with...
was watching the bachelorette: russell and trisha in the 2nd last episode... omg. its like watching me and jason. my mouth hung open as i watched them. trisha eliminated russell after that episode. :S

i got my letter of recommendation from the queensland law society today. its confirmed. i'm getting admitted on monday!! [ok, fingers crossed. i better not jinx it - afterall, i hav jinxed it once before!]

last but not least,
hugs to sheensie for tuesday!

p.s. check out my horoscope for tomoz... hmm... ;)

interesting huh? ;)

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