October 4, 2008

.what a bust.

my night is a bust.

for days, i was looking forward to tonight; paul's birthday karaoke party. chose my outfit, bought his gift, and even gave my song choice a couple of thoughts... only to be let down by my friends, who at the last minute decided to bail on me.

one had food poisoning, which is understandable; while the other had 101729101 reasons why she couldn't make it. (yes, sarcasm intended) i was disappointment. majorly disappointed. not only because i really wanted to go, but also because i was left feeling bad for going against my promise to attend. (against my will!)

things snow-balled when i tried to rectify the situation. i tried getting other friends to go, u know, just to accompany me so i can say happy birthday to paul, which worked out fine at first, but also fell through at the end. leaving one friend stranded in the city because we agreed on a night of drinking after i met paul.

in short, i disappointed kylie, the one who invited me, and paul, the birthday guy, and shaz, the stranded friend; and in return, i'm bloody disappointed (borderline angry) with those who made plans not happen tonite. (whose name i shall not divulge)

seriously, i hate promises. and i hate being piked on. i hate piking on a friend. i hate feeling guilty of not appreciating the fact that one friend did try to help but failed. and i hate being placed in situations that makes me look bad when its not my bloody fault. i never intended on piking on anyone tonite. and i hate that i didnt cut my losses when i could've!

i've always had a problem with trusting people. u know, trusting them to be there, trusting them to do the right thing. but really, with these constant reminders, how can i not?

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