October 3, 2008

.modern men?.

apparently there's a bible out there for men called "the game". dont know if u guys have heard of it. i might regret posting this. but anyway, this morning, i thought of something -

i've read it, and i've felt like i could become a victim to that book. however, being a target of the game at sydney last week, i realised that im smarter than that. or... maybe its because that guy was so dumb, that he didn't learn from the book, but copied the book word for word. i couldnt help but notice those exact lines straight away, thinking, "this guy cant be serious..." sigh.

but u know what i really think?

as much as i'd ike to deny it, i have to say, if done right, the game truly has the power. i wasnt convinced a few hours ago, but after youtubing these men for the last hour or so, i'm sorta speechless. i'm also back to believing i can sooo easily end up as a victim of this game.

so girls, if you're reading this, tell yourself that with these types of men among us today, we have full rights to be skeptical. UNLESS you like him too, and wouldnt mind him gaming you. ^^ hmm, actually... gaming someone who's trying to game u suddenly sounds fun.

hmm... game on? :)
here's more of neil strauss for you -

... and check out these too. PUAs (pick up artists) are everywhere! and some are reaally good [this dude named 'Mystery' is apparently a legend.] -

u know. these videos intrigue me.
but somehow the more i watch them,
the more nauseas i feel.

imagine falling for one of these acts.
its so possible.
you just never know nowadays.

but ok, i guess we shud give them the benefit of the doubt,
and at least try to ascertain their motive first.
if they're picking up for sex and pleasure only,
screw them.
if they're just looking for a way to make a breakthrough with women so he can find a serious girlfriend,
then i guess we can try to see it to be more... umm...
bona fide?

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