October 19, 2008

.imparting wisdom.

a customer and i was talking today. at some point, he said -

"its amazing how when things are meant to be, it happens so naturally."

i took it as a sign. a sign telling me not to force the un-natural.

then this customer made my day. :) he took a piece of paper and wrote down the line above, telling me it would be perfect for a part of a song. his wife then proudly told me that he's a singer/songwriter. i was all wows...

he sung a few different tunes with the string of words above. right in the middle of the shop. i couldnt hide my admiration. he said he'll try developing the song and include it in the album he's planning to release. :) with credit to my shop... lol :)

he also said to me...

"music is an expression, like writers with their words."

i think so too.

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jamez said...

hmm... a sign.
i completely agree with the last thing he said.
I use music as an expression too.

As for the first thing he said, i would always go against the un-natural. i don't believe in fate, we are in control and responsible for the outcome.