October 11, 2008

.tips for the gals.

mystery method:

guy asks girl, "do you want to kiss me?" - 3 expected answers:

"yes" - in which the guy would lean in and kiss her.
"maybe" - in which the guy will say, "guess we'll find out", and lean in to kiss her.
"no" - in which the guy would say "i didnt say u could. u just looked like u had something on your mind."

they call this kiss-close tactic fool proof. your thoughts?

and yea. i had some time to read more of "The Game" and thought i'd share some sleazy tactics with you gals out there, in case someone decides to game you.

despite me labelling these lines as "sleazy", im not saying they wont work. cuz u know, when u catch someone off guard, its easier to get away with things. therefore girls should be aware of this line. who knows rite?

anywayz, i met up with jason today at the greenfest at southbank. nice seeing him again. :) - good bands huh? o.O

ohhh... another thing is... my blaaardddy wisdom tooth is growing. im in soooo much pain, i had to pop panadols. and if u know me, im not one who take pain killers. :( ooooouccchhh....


mr jp said...

nice seeing you too ...

hey , did you use those sleazy tactics on me last time ? hmmmm

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol do i look like the type who needs sleazy tactics?

besides, u and i both know how "the game" entered my life... :P

jamez said...

Damn it! and i was about to get the book today!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol jamez... i hope ur kidding. :P

jamez said...

uh...ahem...of course i am! :P