October 28, 2008

.jewellery gals.

we had a kings jewellers wintergarden staff gathering on tuesday night. it was at my manager, liljiana's apartment next to the brisbane river. :) awesome view. check it out -

the rent is a bomb, but u know, aside from being able to live in the city, imagine waking up to such a view every morning. perhaps its the greener grass syndrom, but i'd imagine having so much less stress being able to live around such beauty. :)

also, at the party... i experienced my first girly squeal session when one of the girls, angie, announced that she got engaged over the weekend. lol it was so cute, and so movie-like. but it was also so sweeet... we then sat down to listen to her play-by-play of what he said, how he did it, and more where, when and whats... :) [yes guys, we get ALL the details. *added pressure*]

i have to admit, i enjoyed my nite alot. a girls night + lots of wine is awesome. :)

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