October 24, 2008

.a little bit of this; a little bit of that.

dreamt funny last nite. friends with cristiano ronaldo. drove stan's car and broke his car's door handle (or whatever its called). tried to fix it with weird objects like a bowl. dreamt mouzam came over to my house, in malaysia. hmm. odd.

karaoke with the group today. good to see mel and MC again. :) fyin gave me a soft toy. so cute! it was a fun friday nite, altho my vocal chords didnt feel too yeeehaaa tonite.

spent almost 2 hours on the phone with phoon when i got home. (accumulatively) got into another massive debate. actually, it was more like, massive debateS. the ones we use to get stuck in the middle of when we were still going out. funny.

in the end, it wasnt quite solved... so, i guess its safe to say that this is most likely directed to me -

here, in case u cant make out the tiny words -

sigh. i need to switch my body clock back to normal. its 6am and im bloggin. dammit. no thanks to leon!


mr jp said...

dun blame leon la... haha

MsMusicJunkie said...

HAHAHAHA.. funny lah Jason's shoutout thingie. lol

Stantm said...

Are u kidding me??? I really broke the handle on my door on Sat. I cant believe that and we used a pair of chopsticks to fix it. Well my friend broke it anyway but....creepy. Did u dream of me becoming a billionaire???