October 29, 2005

God was Listening...

Just a sudden realisation.
A couple of months ago,
I remember telling people...
"I'm so lazy to get into a relationship"

The reason for that being,
"I'm too lazy to start something from scratch."
As in,
You know when you get into a relationship,
and you need to build it and work on it...
Do things to stable it...
Hold yourself back a little,
while slowly revealing your true habits little by little.
You know what I mean, rite?

So Yea,
The last thing I told my friends was,
"It is possible to just dump me in the middle of a r'ship?"
Just so I can skip all the preliminary bits,
and move straight on to being 100% me,
without the need to hold back...
(Cuz u normally will at the beginning of a rship,
cuz u're not comfortable enough with that person yet
to share really intimate and personal things about
urself, and also, u'd be afraid that he might judge u)

Thats when Shaz came into the picture.
We've been together for less than a month,
and I'm at my worse already.
By that, I mean...
He has probably been exposed to at least 95% of the True Sherlene.
which may I say, isn't a pretty sight.
Poor him.

But yea,
I'd definitely say...
God was listening.
Thats why I've got Shaz.
Someone I know I can be so crazily open with.
Someone I can practically say anything to.
Someone I can dash out all my worse habits on.
He's yet to see me in full rage though.
LoL That would be painful to watch.
I'll keep u informed when that happens...

Till then,
Wish us all the best.
Lets hope I'm not as bad as I sound...
After all, there's only so much a man can take.

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