October 22, 2005

Shaz Shaz & More Shaz...

Last night was funny.
Remember in the previous post,
I said Shaz was gonna bring dinner over?
Well, we ended up going out for dinner instead.
A lateeee dinner.
Where, u ask?

(when we got there, it was 12am)

LoL How nuts can Shaz be huh?
But I had lots of funNn...
People at the coast are crraazzyy...
Specially on Friday nights.
This Aussie guy said to me,
"Hey, want some white boy?"
hahHaa dumbass.

Shaz and I went for seafood.
As in, Fish and Chips. heheHee...
Shaz had steak. He was super hungry that nite.
"I can eat a cow" - he says. LoL
Probably cuz he didn't get enough rest,
and has been running around the whole day.
OH... Shaz made the football team!!
*YAY!!!* I definitely feel proud~
But most importantly,
I wanna know he's happy doing what he's doing.
Shaz gave me his first football winning medal.
I can't possibly ask for more.
Its truly the perfect gift.

Nwayz, after dinner and a walk on the beach,
We headed home. LoL
Well, u see... We knew the way back,
but we both wanted to find a short cut home.
So, little miss smarty pants *gulp* Me,
suggested we take the Beenleigh exit on the Motorway.
No surprise... It was no where near home.
*blames refidex for going missing*
LoL We drove on and on and came to this town.
It was SCARY.
I seriously felt spooked out.
Maybe becuz it was 3am...
That town was seriously GHOST TOWN.
Then Shaz saw 3 people walking on the side of the road.
And he said,
"Hey, this place is scary man."
And I started to sweat.
Then he continued,
"Look at the people... They're losers"
We laughed all the way home.
Mind you, we did find the right exist at last.

oH... I think Shaz and I got a song now.
"Someday We'll Know" - Mandy Moore/Jonathan Foreman

LoL Today Shaz and I went for lunch at Sunnybank.
Now is time to study.
So I can watch the MU match guilt free tonite.
YAY! Finally! Fox is airing MU's match!!
SO excited to see Ron again!!

ps: My gut feeling tells me tht Shaz has been reading my blog.
Shaz... come out come out wherever u aree...

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