October 24, 2005

Roses on my bed...

Exams start next week.
I'm currently at Chapter 2/13 of my 1st Unit.
I've got 3 other Units to revise,
and 13 weeks of readings to do for each.
Great life.

This morning, Shaz's message woke me.
He said he's bringing lunch over.
When he got here,
I was in the bathroom.
When I returned to my room,
There on my bed was...
3 red roses, and some teriyaki sushi rolls.

I stood there for a moment.
Feeling speechless.
I still dont know why I deserve all this.
In fact,
I still can't believe I really have all this...

Shaz also got me a wrist band...
Its a red one, for poverty.
We both have one now.

Last nite I went to sleep after a single tear ran down my cheek.
Shaz and I had a bad night.
Not anything TOO bad...
I know he was just being honest about how he was feeling.
Problem is,
I dont know what to do.
I'm simply not expressive enough.
And I can't help it... *sobs*

Like this morning,
I was soOo touched by his gestures...
for bringing me lunch and buying me roses,
But all I could manage was a "thank you"...
Hoping he would understand and feel how grateful I really am.

Shaz helped Sherman in the garden today.
He mowed the lawn while Sherman weed.
I... didn't do anything.
Just fetched water and bring out some food.
Shaz sent me to Uni after that.
(which is where I am at the moment)

Hmm... I hope today would be a great one...
With only a few minor setbacks,
like the fact that my mobile is outta battery.

Marty's Single is out today.
Need to get my hands on a copy.
Maybe at KMart later.

I miss Shaz already.

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