October 25, 2005

RandoM Cut-Out Thoughts...

Listening to Marty Worrall's single.
Its finally out!
The more I listen to it,
The more I love it!
Marty! You Rock!!

I had lunch at Satay Club with Shaz today.
Then Shaz and I went to run a few errands.
Suppose to study at Uni after that,
But I felt a little sick.
So Shaz sent me home and I slept until 9.30pm.
I left my Optus mobile & my wallet with Shaz.
I'm a clumsy little ***.
kekKkee... U can fill in the blanks.

For the 10998269th time,
I realised most human has one similar pattern.
When you tell them your problem,
70% of them would respond in a...
"Mine's even worse!"
or worst still,
"You call that a problem?! Have u heard mine?!"
- Whats with that?!

See, the thing is,
I'm not saying your problem isn't bigger than mine,
and it probably is,
But what makes you think that because your problem is bigger,
My problem isn't a problem??
*this is a hypothetical scenario*

I've been saying this since I was much younger.
It started when Mum always tell me,
"When you're an adult, thats when you know what problems are."
Who's to say kids can't have their own problems rite?
Thats exactly what I'm saying.
Just because your problem might be more serious,
It doesn't give you the rights to disregard other's merely because YOU have bigger issues.

My advise,
When someone comes to you with a serious problem,
Or a problem that seems serious to them,
Don't tell them it's "Nothing",
and start telling them how much worse your life is.
Cuz when someone tells you their problem,
And you've willingly chose to be there to listen,
It wouldn't kill you to allow the spotlight to be focused on them for once.
Let them know that you understand what they're going tru.
That you know that problem is really bugging them.
Instead of making them feel insignificant.
You know what I mean?
One doesn't have to be a psychologist to figure that out.

hahHa... weird how I suddenly brought this up.
Amazing what goes tru my head just randomly.

I've been dreaming about Sherwynna alot.
Keep dreaming about me and her in Brisbane.
It's like I'm imagining the future or something.
Cuz Wynna is coming on the 10th Nov.
Can't wait till exams are over!
Can't wait till Wynn gets here!

Time for dinner.
Curry lamb.
Sherman is a star.

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