October 23, 2005

Eating Starburst Again...

Last nite,
MU and Tottenham drew.
Bloody Hell...

Last nite,
I was chatting with Shazzie...
We were deliberating about our Friendster profile.
Does it matter what our status is?
Single and In a Relationship.
What's the significance?
After much discussion,
I told Shaz I'll change mine just for the kicks.
To see what it would do...
And I told Shaz he can keep his the way it is.
After changing mine,
I checked out his...
It says:

Status: In a Relationship

*grins* - * heart flutters* - *melts*

He's so sweet.
And even sweeter cuz he didn't do it for me,
but for "Us"!
And thats exactly what I wanted.
*tee hee*

Okiee... Study time!!
Exams in 8 days!!

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