May 7, 2009

.letting a part of myself go.

been spending today reading. reading these stuff -

its not a lot of fun, but im hoping it helps with my problem.

1. i need to stop being my own worst enemy. 
2. i need to learn to breathe and relax. 
3. i need to learn to accept that sometimes, it doesn't matter what people think of me. 
4. i need to learn that i am not useless or a failure. 
5. i need to learn to listen. 
6. i need to learn not to take everything so seriously. 
7. i need to learn that my way is not the only way. 
8. i need to learn to believe that not everyone speaks with bad intentions, hence i need not feel threatened or pressured to defend myself. 
9. i need to learn to say "i don't think so" if i disagree without diving into endless excuses.
10. i need to learn not to care what people think about me, no matter how false.


Thara & Brandon said...

Hi.. just thought I'd leave a 'hug' - you're posts are always so interesting haha... came across your blog randomly, however I do know of you. I'm a friend of Jimmy and Johno (well actually I'm Johno's ex gf) so just passing by. Keep up the good work ^_^ I'll be checking in to read more of your interesting stories haha. Take it ez xo

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hey thara :) *hugs to u too* thanks for droppin by! and yep, like you, i know of u too... ;) haha i guess it comes with dating the gaillard brothers. hope u're doin fine! xx

ps: i checked out ur blog. (hope u dont mind) u and ur guy look really sweet together. n i just hav to say, jason mraz is awesome!! :P