May 29, 2009

.cheating in your dream.

so... this week has flown by, like all the rest. again, i got nothing i wanted to get done in terms of job seeking. whats wrong with me? feels like its going beyond simple laziness...

i need to spark that ambitious fire in me again. cant loose my focus. tips, anyone?

anywayz, i had a sudden thought about this:

Is there such thing as 'Dream Cheating'?

#1. is dreaming about being intimate with another guy/girl [when you have a bf/gf] considered cheating?
#2. if no to #1, does waking up and feeling great about the dream make it cheating?
#3. if no to #2, does constantly replaying the dream in your head [because it really did feel great] make it cheating?

and okay... obviously trying to LIVE THE DREAM IS cheating. BUT... 

#4. if the guy/girl you dream about is an out-of-reach celebrity, does it mean doing #1-3 is definitely NOT cheating?

and now, if along with all #1-3, the scenario is also #5 or #6 as below, issit cheating?

#5. if the guy/girl in your dream is someone you presently have a platonic friendship with? or;
#6. if the guy/girl is someone you're only casually acquainted with but whom you find attractive?

cheating? yes or no?

... and okay, last question:

#7. what if the guy/girl in your dream is someone you have a major crush on?... if one does all #1-3 plus the person is someone as stated in #7, is it considered cheating?

i know...
one hell of a chain of thoughts.
welcome inside my mind. :)


sheena said...

dreaming is never cheating. like the movie closer, there's always a moment- give in or not. but dreaming is.. subconscious. HENCE, wynna's NO-ONE-CAN-LAWAN-REASONING famous quote. I SAID SUBCONSCIOUSLY!!!! :D

wynna bobina, you know i love you right? :)

OlynXes said...

Haha this one is an interesting topic... funny how the mind wanders though. Of course, it's not cheating to dream about doing things with another person... for one thing you haven't physically done anything (you can't cheat if it's all in your head) and secondly... cheating implies that you have betrayed the trust of your loved one by consciously committing an act which breaks the unspoken code of loyalty... since we can't even control our dreams, we can't really be blamed for what pops into our heads.

The only thing it does mean is that you may need to start thinking about how you're seriously feeling about the person you're with. Dreams after all, reflect a lot of our subconscious whether we are simply trying to process hidden fears that we may not want to readily admit to ourselves, or we're simply living vicariously through a few cheeky thoughts. There's no harm in imagining a little. It's what you do in the REAL world that counts.

So really, if you wake up with that smile on your face coz Brad Pitt just spent the last 20 mins satisfying you lol then why NOT enjoy it. But if you wake up and you find, that one little dream about the guy down the road with the hot smile and beautiful eyes suddenly made you think twice about where you're going with your current partner, then you may want to think your relationship through again. :) My thoughts anyway. lol

minuteman said...

dreams are what that hold us together.
the adhesive that keep us from falling apart.
in dreams lies our hopes and expectations and our deepest desires.
dreams is what we expect of from life.
in our dreams we play the lead role,
the major player in this materialistic world.
dreams is where fantasy runs wild.
we become more than ordinary,plain dull us.
we become extraordinary.
ah dreams!:)

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:) thanks for the feedback guys. lol nice one sheensie poo...

thara... i thought u made lots of sense. haHa but i guess we just have to make sure how serious we're taking the dream huh?

and minuteman... :) u spoil me. lol