May 6, 2009

.i have it now.

oh let me self indulge. :)

been working on a video today that ended up getting too personal. so, i left it off youtube because that is the smart thing to do. here's however one that's been filtered and edited for your viewing pleasure (if you can be bothered to)... hehe behold... the "sneak peek" into my personal life beyond the words -

funny how this video was made after yet another argument with my guy. guess this video would either be "part 1" or "part 1 and only"... we'll see.

nevertheless, he did make me very happy.
can't really jinx myself when i've already said "he did" right?



tm said...

Hey babe whats the name of the song??

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol stan? :) its part 2 of usher's "make love in this club" featuring beyonce and lil wayne. (remix)