May 21, 2009

.why is it always about guys?.

here's a popular question directed to girls, particularly me:

"why do you always talk about guys and/or relationships?"

despite popular belief, its not because my life only revolve around that topic. rather, its simply because guys/relationship is a topic that i think is guaranteed to create conversation among people, especially with my fellow female counterpart. 

why? because i find its a topic that anyone can easily relate to or has a story to tell (whether of someone or themselves); because it encourages responses and opinions from whom you're conversing with; because its a topic that would spark interest in most people because they can easily find an interest in the matter.

ie: if the topic is 'men', guys would wanna say something to defend their race, while girls would wanna share her story about how she also can't seem to figure out some guy even in a completely different scenario.

its a topic that encourages discussion. you need opinions. you need them to respond. and in their response, they have to fish into a more personal side of themselves. at least a little.

sure, politics, the economy and current affairs will win you smart/sophisticated/knowledgeable points. but unless you're speaking to someone with the same passion and level of sophistication for those topics, most others will be scratching their heads and/or yawning. (on the inside, at least) - and as far as im concern, these smart people hate talking to idiots who gives them stupid responses.

sure, personal interests and hobbies like animals, sports, charitable doings and etc can strike up awesome conversations and find you a new friend. might even score you some cool/nice points. but again, you need to find someone with the same interest or it wont work.

sure, bitching and gossiping is fun... but trust me, its less fun listening to bitching and gossips when you don't know who the bitch/gossiped person is. and you cant contribute if you don't know. and again, trust me, standing around and only saying "yea, thats bitchy" isn't considered much of a conversation. PLUS, u have to be careful when bitching and gossiping! it is after all, a veryyy small world!!

on the other hand, talking about the weather, about your career goals and plan, and talking about random topics like whats on sale at Woolworth or where to get the best chicken rice are topics that wont last for more than 5 minutes.

HENCE... i personally find that talking about relationships encourages longer and more entertaining conversations because everyone gets a go, everyone could have differing opinions, everyone will have a different experiences, everyone can agree or disagree and explain why, everyone may learn something useful from others, everyone would mostly be talking about themselves thus leaving less chances of offending others...


BUT, thats just me. feel free to disagree. :)


Anonymous said...

oik woman i hope by 35 u will start talking about ur kids already man..bEhHEHehehhehe


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol fingers crossed! me too!! HAHA hey hey!! we'll both be hot mums! ;)