May 28, 2009

.disappointing day.

well, to be fair, its currently only the first half of the day... but the amount of disappointment i've felt has made me just want to crawl in bed and wake up tomorrow. [with hopes that it'll be better than today]

i guess the whole world now knows that united put up a very weak fight against barca this morning in the UEFA champs league final this morning. i felt its the result of making wrong decisions from step one. *cough*anderson*cough* but oh well, gratz to barca. a truly worthy opponent.

after the match, my guy called and i snapped at him because it sure didnt take alot for him to irritate me that morning. my mood was like piss (like wee wee) after the match, mainly because it didnt suffice to swear at my players, so i ended up complaining about puyol. [sorry barca fans, i HAD to blame someone!] 

ANYWAY... not grasping the "never defend your girlfriend's enemy; i'd rather you shut up" concept [especially when she's obviously just venting her frustration], he told me not to attack puyol for united's loss. granted, the phone conversation ended very abruptly.

i then rushed to my staff meeting in the city, dreading the $6.00 + 2 hours travel for just a one hour meeting. not to mention the pain of carrying around a low mood in a very tired body.

when that was over, i texted my poor bubby and told him i'm sorry for snapping at him. no reply. when i got home half an hour later, i texted him again to ask if he was doing anything today and if i could come over to hang. no reply.

another half hour later, feeling all remaining energy sucked out of my body from watching endless youtube videos, i texted him to say i wont be coming. he then called. apparently he had fallen back asleep after the match. he told me to come, but i truly couldn't find the energy to. (mind u, he lives on the gold coast, 45 minutes drive away) so the conversation again, ended awkwardly... and again, i'm left feeling down.

anyway, in the midst of my melodramaticness... i found a few movies that i've decided to watch aaaand i'm gonna share them with you [the link takes u to their trailer on youtube] -

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