May 26, 2009

.lucky lucky me.

another great weekend with my dearest... :)

with minimal arguments, lots of laughs and lots of fun. he bought dinner and cooked up a "gratin" for my family on monday night, which was awesome. he also made me eat salad, which really wasn't that bad. :) major brownie points!!

my baby also had fun at garden city that weekend; drinking up another large bubble tea and shoppaholicking

bought himself a pullover and a new pair of jeans... and we both kinda realized we're beginning to become a memorable couple at a few stores/shops... i guess thats kinda nice?

oh... also, lets not forget.
he got me a 4 months anniversary gift.
check it -

so speechless...
but, me likey. :)

ps: im in no way complaining (or showing off), but hey, this is my 5th purse (as a gift from a loved one) this year... whoa. but awwww.... im so loved!! :)


Stantm said... "Guess" purse got beaten....

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol but i still love it!! :) its the most practical!!! (i love lots of card compartments!)