May 4, 2009

.buddha festival & .... drinks!!.

brisbane's Buddha Festival (Wesak day celebration) was on again. it always make me feel close to home. reminds me of the times i use to go to the temple when i was back in Malaysia. been a while since i last prayed with the incense... dont know why, but prayers made with the incense somehow feels more 'serious'? haHa...

i missed silently whispering the same prayer lines my family always use when we prayed. all spoken in cantonese, with a little mix of hokkien. funny how i was brought up with the impression that my God and Goddesses speak those two languages, which made praying in english feel odd. :) thats just me though...


after that day, the next day (sunday), we thought and thought and realized... "isn't monday a holiday?" aaaand of course that also meant, "drrrriiinkkkkksss!!"

derek asks, "whats the occasion?"
me says, "labour day? wooooOOoooo!!!"

oooH! and also, "themeeee.... whiteeeeeeee!!!!"

so the happy people came together once again... *thanks for the good night guys!*

ok. on a different note,
i've got a 6am start tomorrow (today).
so, nitey nite peeps!


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