May 12, 2009

.fluffy gifts, gals and guys.

:) painted my baby's nails earlier... 
now they match mine!
lol why do girls like to do that?! 

its cliche, i know. 
but we do it anyway. 
haHa... my poor baby.

p.s. i absolutely love his weird little cute pinky finger! lol

he bought me a gift today... a "i just wanna buy u something" gift. :) left it on my bed as a little surprise. and i love it. the surprise and the gift! it was a fluffy pink robe just in time for winter. and from the looks of it, i'd probably be cuddling it to bed too...

im a happy girl.

and just some random blabs -

x. since when do "best friends" (of the opposite sex) automatically gain the rights to be "next in line" when you suddenly realize you're looking for someone? its funny how they think, because they've "always been there" and "know everything about you", if one day, you were to fall for someone, it MUST be them. shame on them for feeling no shame! tsk tsk tsk.

x. teenagers ARE crazy with the drama. i remember myself back in the days. but tell me, is it their innocence thats allowing these shameless emotional outbursts? or is it immaturity thats causing their inability to control their emotions? hmm.

x. last night was girls night + my baby. we were talking about girls, bitches, drama queens and sluts. then i proceeded to suggest a few ways to "manage" them if they tried to put their dirrty claws on my guy. i think i scared my baby. but he did promised never to lie. :)

x. my baby called me his "fluffy toilet tissue paper roll"... i think the fluffy robe has gotten to him too. lol but toilet roll? *puzzled* i dont think that'd sound cute in french either... good thing my baby's cute. lol.

alritey peeps... laterz!

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MsMusicJunkie said...

awww. still think its so sweet he bought that for you.

and damn. some people give such a bad name to teenagers,makes me malu to be one.