May 13, 2009

.a boost from nature.

i got somewhat addicted to editing my new blog layout. yes yes, lame as hell, but thats me. what else can i say. :)

one thing i did wanna talk about however is about something i noticed lately -

somehow i find that when you're in a relationship, being around different types of couples and seeing how they interact, actually does good for your own relationship. 

well, i'd say it helps me at least.

i realised that by being around happy couples and noticing the little things they do, like a peck on the forehead or an exchange of a goofy grin makes me miss my significant other more. its like i'd get extra excited to see my guy because i want to be or look as happy as what i saw.

at the same time, being around unhappy couples and listening to their problems make me feel thankful that things are going well with mine. or if mine's not doing all that good, i'd feel less disappointed in my own relationship because i can see that other couples go through the same types of obstacles too.

:) just a random observation of how my surroundings play an important role in my life.

just for the record, i'm really happy now.
and i think my baby is too :)

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