May 2, 2009

.timing matters.

why should 2 people not get together?

"bad timing"
thats a good a reason.
thats a bloody good reason actually.

see, as oppose to people like me and frenchie. we're together now because the timing is great. he's here for a year, and i meet him 5 months into his year here, right after he's had enough time to look around and try to decide who to share the rest of his holidays with. :)

i, on the other had just learnt that i couldn't handle a serious he-could-be-marriage-material type of relationship (at this point of my life) and that was when i met frenchie. a guy who's sweet and loving enough to give me something special (not just some sleazy casual fling) but at the same time, none 'forever-able', just the way i like it.

so... yes. timing is important. so right now, to all other "propositions" (whether they were serious or not), i'd have to say the timing is off. i have frenchie... and i'd like to keep what we share for as long as i can. :)

thats also code for: try again at the end of the year. HAHA *joke* - ahem -

[then again, whether the timing is on or off really is rather subjective, no? im just saying. heh.]


Anonymous said...

Is this another one of your "Self-justification" posts?

>.< hmm.. ur starting to get pretty good at making up reasons for ur actions....


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

its a "lawyerly" trait. ;) one tend to pick it up at law school... on the other hand, i might've been born with it.

Anonymous said...

Y u trying to justify this too?
You could have easily replied..
"Thanks... came with alot of practice"

=_= ... *


MsMusicJunkie said...

who u trying to hint with this post?