May 14, 2009

.no real purpose; just feelin'.

my baby called just before he went to bed. called just to tell me he was thinking about me. *glows* we've been missing each other a lot since we said goodbye at the train station yesterday. its the side effects of having an awesome weekend together, i guess. can't wait to see him again on sunday. :)

and yes, the above are his stuff. :) i swear the boy accessorises more than me. me likey though.

spoke to derek earlier. found myself missing him too. i think we should go for drinks or something sometime soon. and while im talkin about derek, i thought i'd post our most recent picture up (cuz i like it) -

its a good pic, no? :)

but imo, it still can't beat my other favourites. tee hee!

me gonna start sleeping earlier now!
so, goodnight!


Anonymous said...

If the 1st pic is ur latest pic...
then uve put on weight.. lol


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

haha reli? dammitt... but thanks van. can always rely on u for brutal honesty!