May 9, 2009

.a therapeutic night out.

last night, sheenie boo and i went out clubbing ALONE for the first time ever. usually we'd at least have one guy with us, for security purposes or simply to make a bigger group. we didn't realize it until we were just about to exit the highway on elizabeth street in the city. funny.

but little did we expect, the night actually turned out great. and it was just what i needed.

and the caption on the photo is correct. sheena went by the name "frankie" that night, and i called myself "sheena"... it was fun. im not sure if its was the anonymity or the thrill of lying that made it exciting. 

and for the ladies, just thought i'd list some of our effective stay-out-of-trouble lines when fanning off guys at clubs, without appearing bitchy (AND still keeping the cuteness) :

#. "no, thank you" *smile sweetly*
#. "sorry, my girlfriend just broke up with her boyfriend, and i'm not leaving her." *smile sweetly*
#. "my boyfriend is just standing over there. sorry." *points to a crowd of big buffy men then smile sweetly*
#. "thanks for coming over. you have a good night" *light tap and push on his chest (dont forget the sweet smile!) - look away and continue dancing*

and now, whats yours? :) share the love!

oh! and here's another story i wanted to share!

this one guy came up to us on the dance floor and said "what are you doing?" to which i answered "enjoying the music!". he then said, "can i enjoy it with you?". i gave him a thoughtful look while tapping a finger on my chin, as if really thinking about it and then said "no". he was speechless and i was laughing inside...
[don't do this. with the wrong guy, u could get into a lot of trouble]

but yea, we'll definitely be hitting "the exchange hotel" again. :) sheena thinks its the next best thing to fridays and me agreeeee wholeheartedly :)

p.s. im still in the middle of a cold war with my baby. its been going since tuesday. it doesn't look good. *sad pout* i dont know what to do. really dont. :( - i did write a song about it though.

p.s. sheens, thanks for last night. :)

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