May 14, 2009

.football, pcd & love story.

if only i studied IT... i'd be packing my bags to fly to manchester for this job right now. argh! to all web designers out there who are die hard MU fans, good luck!! this is your opportunity!

speaking of the amazingness of MU, they're officially 1 point away from retaining their EPL title! a title hat trick people!! woot wooot!! :) last night they came back from the dead and beat wigan 2-1...

the only unfortunately thing about that match is that ronaldo may be turning into the next beckham. he's truly beginning to piss off the boss man. who dares shout at fergie?! tsk tsk tsk. my boy really needs a knock on the head. & REALIZE HE SHOULD NOT MOVE TO REAL!!! :'(

ANYWAY... i'm addicted to PCD's bottle pop's official video clip. only cause the girls are so sexy. nicole in particular. i love the whole face art thingie she has going on in there. and the winks... im always a sucker for winks.

oooH... borderline sounding gay now. im gonna shut up. just watch -

for the full video. click here.

aaaand... you're gonna call me super outdated, but suddenly, i find myself really liking taylor swift's love story. i just read the lyrics today, and thought, "hey... this is actually really sweet." and really sweet is a good thing. :)

maybe i can get D to play it while i try out the vocals. *hint hint* check it -

Love Story - Taylor Swift

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