May 22, 2009

.too much of a good thing?.

today on the bus, listening to my mp3 player, i found myself associating every love song with him. 

it was a good feeling having thoughts of him fill my mind completely. very rarely does that ever happen. usually, with every different love song i listen to, the different lyrics would automatically bring a different guy to mind. but not tonight...

after a few tracks, i started to panic. simply cause i know i CANT let him be all i think about. especially when my poor heart is on the line. 

so here is a reminder to myself, in case i've forgotten:

"he's leaving in october. for good. so don't get too attached."

yup, duly noted.

p.s. here's something that'd sound more like myself -

that personal message i left on msn...
i wasn't referring to him :)

*dramatic suspense music plays*

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