May 19, 2009

.happy 4-months-since-we-first-met anniversary.

our 4th month anniversary... 

we had a good weekend together. but like always, with lots of ups and downs. one moment we're laughing, the next we're arguing up a storm, then we're back to being all huggy & cuddly again. :)

we had lots of fun moments together though... those including the few times he said "i love you" by impulse when i did something 'amazing'. lol the both of us also out-noised a birthday party table of 8 during our anniversary dinner. he was very proud of that. i also met his boss and colleagues that night. im still hoping i made a good impression.

we then went shopping and told the sales girl at
tarocash (ashley) that "we don't do love" when she made a comment about us being blinded by love.

tell you what he loves though... *rolleyes* [clue: picture below]



Anonymous said...



.lennie.sam.lee. said...

bleach? like... puke?

Nanda said...

nice photo!!! conratz babe!

joku said...


speaking of which new episode :D

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol thanks nanda! :)

and johno... is that what that manga is?? sigh. u guys are so similar. haHa...

۞ D! ۞ said...

manga = comic book
anime is what your looking for

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol sorry... i just cleared it up with erwann. he says manga is what they call everything in france, cuz anime isnt really a jap word?... oh bugger, i dont know! :P

aaaaand i just found out what ivan meant by "bleach"... apparently thats what erwann was watching!

aaaand johno... did u mean bakka? like idiot? -.-" haHa whoa... suddenly i feel overwhelmed.

the anime world is not for me. :P

joku said...

hahaha.. noo bankai! >_<

just an awesome powering up fighting style move... very very awesome-ness-y