May 23, 2009

.words are all we have.

currently playing:
thank you for loving me - jon bon jovi

her: i feel i can do anything, make any face or look like crap and you'd still like me. i'm so tempted to dress myself as ugly as possible and see how you'd react.
him: try it babe. you'd probably make me laugh. and i always like how you make me laugh.


him: if you're lucky, one day you'll find someone who will love everything about you.
her: maybe one day is now...


her: babe, we've came such a long way. who knows, if you weren't leaving,  (fake dramaticness) we probably would've lasted foreverrr and eveerrrrr... 
him: (serious tone) i think so.
her: *speechless*

in case u're worried for me,
(that im fallin' for a guy who's leaving.. yarda yarda yarda)

as much as i feel i'm truly getting hooked,
we got into another argument less than 24 hours after that conversation.
whether on purpose,
i don't know.

but it'll probably do me good, hey?

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