May 3, 2009

.how'd you feel if your best friend got married?.

6 points clear. yep. united is another step closer to retaining their premier league title. oooH... fulham just equalized against chelsea. HAHA... *touchwood*


today at work, two best friends came into the store. one was in the midst of planning her own wedding, and the other was hoping to find the perfect ring and then the perfect timing to hint her boyfriend to propose. :P

it got me thinking... if one day, my bestie got engaged, how would i feel?

#. "shit... is xxx gonna propose to me too?! but.. but... buttt im not reeadddy!!"
#. "shit... sss is getting married... what about me? does xxx even wanna marry me?"
#. "shit... so marriage is on the menu now? damn... im back to not knowing what i want!!!"


has anyone (reading this) already gone through 'watching your best friend (of the same sex) get married?' - how did you feel?

im feeling a little jittery just imagining it. if selina gets married and im not even close, goddamn... i'd imagine myself not being able to sleep at night. lol... seriously.

damn... chelsea just scored another one. 2-1 now. gooo fulham!


Anonymous said...

You really gotta stop rounding your thoughts on relationships, before it becomes an obsession... or is already? I don't think its healthy for yourself and to your relationships.
Let loose a bit and don't worry so much about it. Run thoughts wild and free other than boys.. or men I should say...

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

need not worry my anon friend... my blog doesnt cover my whole life, despite what u may think. :) topics i blog about aint all i think about. hope that puts your mind at ease... :) and thanks for the concern, i think?

Anonymous said...

Yawns... this is what happens when you got too much free time... ritez? lol


Anonymous said...

to ur question in pink bold italics, yes.. 3 times, 3 close friends. a cousin as well, and a couple of other friends too. at 1st it was 'wow, we're getting that old?' and after that it became 'cool.. free food and DRINKS! who's next?'

but really, it puts some pressure on urself..

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hhahaha i know what u mean. it does add a little pressure, huh?

but i guess we get over it really quick... as in, we'd probably think about when we get the wedding invite. then life goes on and we'd be back to normal broadcasting... HAHA