October 8, 2005

7th Oct; Issit Official?

This post is gonna contradict my previous one.
Mainly cuz... things turned 360 degrees.
My heart's current status?
I wouldnt say its Complete, or Mended, or Whole...
Its more like... confused.

7th Oct 2005...
After talking with him from a couple of nites before,
which ultimately led up to the dawn of 7th Oct...
Things have been thrown here and there,
Up and down...
And eventhough we've both decided on something Final,
I must say, I'm still rather confused.
Not sure what HE really wants, and not sure what WE really need.

Romeo and Juliet...
The star-crossed lovers...
Are we them in the 21st Centuary?

Its beginning to look more and more like it.
But hey,
Romeo and Juliet had their happy moments together rite?
So... does that mean we'll get ours too?

Then Die?

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