October 19, 2005

Whinny Little Me

Mind you,
Whatever I type here in the next 5 minutes could be words plainly conjured by my overly tired mental state.
So please don't take me word for word.
In fact, ignore whatever you're about to read.
Cuz after tonite,
I might just go back to being on Cloud 9 again.

Its been about 2 days since the last time I blogged.
Feels like a gazillion years.
These few days, I feel as if I've been out of my old life.
And my brain isn't functioning the usual way anymore.
And somehow I feel,
Its like I dont hav time for the things I usually do anymore.
and.. I'm not sure I'm happy about that.

For one,
I spend very little time on MSN now.
As in, now, when my status says "Away",
I really am away!

I've been missing my usual 11.30pm Sex and the City reruns.
Seems like a small matter but its beginning to irritate me.

I've not been sleeping well.
And I'm not exactly complaining,
becuz the reason why I'm staying up is pretty good.
*heeeey.. dun get dirty ideas*
It's undeniably exhausting.
I wonder how long more I can keep this up before I fall sick.

I've been delaying in responding to emails and messages.
I soOooo wanna sit down and reply,
but I never hav that time anymore.
And when I do have time,
I'd be too tired and moodless to type.
And who'd wanna read an email from a moodless brat rite?

I've not been studying.
And when's exams?
2 weeks?
I'm F*cked.

I'm just tired.
So tired.
SO SO SO very tired.
Maybe cuz my baby is sick,
Thus I feel mentally ill too.


oH... suddenly realization.
I know why I'm whinning!!
Its PMS!! *seriously*

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