October 15, 2005

...Im Content...

I just had to blog before bed.
This time it isn't becuz I'm a self proclaimed Bloggerholic,
But simply cuz I wanna jot down how I feel at this very second.
I for one, is well aware that Happy things don't last.
So don't mind me gushing about it while it last... hehee...

Nwayz, don't know why.
Somehow everything feels great.
Aside from the fact that Mr Nutcase isn't feeling too well.
Hope he recovers soon.
And lets hope his liver will live to fight another day.
*poor liver*

I should be in bed right now.
Need to be up in about 4 hours...
Attending Sisca's elder sister's Birthday...
We bought her a necklace from Prouds.
Its really pretty!! I wish it was for me...
hHAaa but my point is,
I hope Veronica will like it as much as I do. :)
Tomorrow (or later) will be fun!

I'm soOo happy with him.
I'm soOo happy that my friends know and is happy.
I'm soOo happy that Sherman knows.
I'm soOo happy that he'll be back on Monday.
I'm soOo happy that I met his housemate.
I'm soOo happy about everything thats happening.

He's great. :)
He's funny... hahHaa...
Got him to record me a ringtone.
It was soOo funny! hahHaa...
He's so cute. In so many ways...
I'm so lucky. In so many ways...


and The Veronica's - "4 ever" is a great song.

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