October 10, 2005

Yea, I Miss Him...

Its funny how the timing is always so right.
Just when I'm in the mood to blog about 'him',
"Mari Bercinta" by Sheila on 7 wud start playing...
Definitely sets me into an even better mood to write something nice.
Specially since we just got off the phone.

He's still away,
So me and him hav been spending heaps of time on the phone.
If not talking, it'd be SMS-ing.
I dread my 3G bill... lol
But I guess,
for him...
It's worth it.

I miss him heaps.
Its funny how things are when we're talking.
Sometimes the conversation gets mushy...
and sometimes we're able to just talk like two old friends.
The thing about being with him is...
I feel soOo relaxed.
Maybe cuz I know that he's seen me at my worse,
so there's not much for me to hide anymore.
And even if I do hide,
He'd know I'm not being myself.
That makes me like him even more...
and LOVE the idea of being with him.
Simply cuz things between us are so easy and casual and free.
I can't wait till he gets back.
Hopefully things would only get better from here on.

I remember him asking me,
"What makes me different from the other guys?"
And I told him...
Because of 3 basic (but essential) things.

  1. I'm physically attracted to him.
  2. He's someone I can talk to about anything.
  3. I can be myself, as in 100% when I'm with him...

What more can I ask for rite?
Not to mention,
We're both very pathetic individuals...
We love all the same things.
MU, guitar, writing songs, music, debating, talking about life, gossips...

And I like that he's very sophisticated.
He knows things I dont know...
And I love how he tells me stuffs...
Politics, Matters of General knowledge, etc.

Boring, I KNOW.
But when he talks about it,
I get this urge to know everything. hahHaa...
So yea, thats a good thing rite?
That he inspires me to care more about the world and the society.

At the same time,
he's such a goofball...
I laugh like crazy when I'm around him.
And sometimes he can be so annoying,
You wish you can kick his butt...
But yeaa, I like him the way he is.

And as days go by,
I just seem to like him more and more...

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