October 3, 2005

JitterBugs Everywhere!!

oH maaaaN...
My presentation is in 38 minutesss...
Im soOooo trembly.
But at the same time,
I can't wait till its over.

ArrrrggHH!!! *blush*
Sorry. Just had to vent.
I'm going crazy hereeee!!!

And as much as I'd like to rehearse my script again,
I know that if I were to read that 3 sheets of paper,
I'd simply die.

I came to uni at 12.30pm...
Went to the foyer in level 3 of Z Block for some quiet time alone.
Read and reread my script 10000 times.
Still, I'm panicking...

*fingers crossed peopleee!!*

How annoying that my mp3 player went outta battery.
Just when I need it the most.
And so did my mobile! WHAT LUCK!
Thankfully its just after I replied to Shaz's sms.
nO wait...
It switched off while it said: "sending"
Does that mean it wasn't sent?
oH well...

oHHH... 34 minutes. *shivers*
Is is cold in here or issit just me?

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