October 14, 2005

Liver; Do we need it?

Dumb topic, I know.
But I'm curious...
Can one live without their liver?
I really wanna know.

Cuz I think my hoNey's liver is deteriorating.
Maybe when his one fails,
I can give him mine?



I'm gonna take my shower now.
Need to call my dearie to make sure he's not asleep while driving all the way back from Ranau to KK...
Intoxicated and not feeling well.
*shivers* He better be fine!

oH... and just briefly about today,
Well, I met a couple of new people...
Sherman's friends.
One of them was my sweety's housemate.
I know he 'knows'.
- cuz sweety mentioned that he told him.
And now I think my bro knows too...
I was indirectly teased by them about it alot tonite.
Amazing how everytime they mention my baby's name,
I lose focus on my foosball game. *crap*
Another weakness identified...

Today Emyne and Lalat msged me on MSN at the same time.
haHaa Instantly I knew "THEY KNEW"... lol
And blogspot! You're to blame! *kekekee*
But I'm glad cuz they're really supportive.

Altho we all can't deny the fact that it does feel kinda weird.
HAHA... two friends hooking up.
But I can see they were both really happy for me.
Love them to the max! *hugs*
Thanks guy! And I miss u all like mad!!
I can't wait till exams are over!
Gambatte!! :)

And Latz, we'll always be good ji muis k?
*muaks* Your SON won't make any difference!
And we're still going clubbinggg!!!! *grins*

oKay... REALLY time for shower now.
and God,
Please let Shaz get home safe tonite.

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