October 5, 2005

Roller Coaster Ride

I should be at Level 5, doing what Selina is doing at the moment.
STUDY. But here I am... In front of the comp. AGAIN.
Read Lalat'z multiply blog about her trip to Moreton Island just a while ago.
Damn it sounded like heaps of fun! hahaHa
Definitely need to visit there sometime!
After all, its been a while since I last had the chance to camp out and eat dirty food~
*remembers Fraser Island*
That trip was awesome.

Last nite I slept at 5.30am...
Was up chatting with someone.
Someone special.
We had that conversation.
The one we both knew wud come up, since the last time we were together.
Again, it was bitter sweet.
He said all the right things...
But as he said, some things are just outside our control.
We're trying to figure out whats gonna happen from here on.

Last night,
I truly felt as if I was on a roller coaster ride.
You should have felt what I was feeling.
Becuz him and I were chatting on MSN,
and he has this habit of posting short sentences instead of completing a full line before he hits enter.
So there I was...
Reading line by line...
And the funny part was how one sentence made my tummy churn,
and the next made me smile,
and the very next made my heart sink...
and after that,
He said something that completely lift my spirits again.
And then the above process is repeated.

hahHAaa... As much as I think those feelings are "wow",
It kinda sucked. hahHaa...
But Im glad the last feeling I got before I closed my eyes to sleep was a good one.
A bloody good one in fact.
I like falling asleep thinking about him.
(and waking up with him in my mind too)

He says he isn't good with words...
But to me, he definitely said everything I wanted to hear last night.
Its either he doesn't know how good he really is, or I'm really easy to please.
hahHaa... But one thing for sure,
I really do think he's a great guy.
As I told him, there are times when I do wanna kick his butt,
becuz he can be the most annoying creature on the face of this planet,
But, he still makes me smile.
And that makes up for everything.

This might sound corny,
But I really do wanna be with him.


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