October 9, 2005

Ms Bloggerholic

Yups... That's Me.
I can't stop blogging.
Everytime I spend more than 5 minutes thinking about something,
I'd automatically feel that urge to write em' down.
That makes me a "Bloggerholic"?
Oh buMmer...

Today's goNna be a slowww day.
Last nite I was tossing and turning in bed...
Couldn't sleep becuz I was worried about Mr Nutcase.
heHehe... Truth to be told,
Its been a while since I had to do that.
U know...
Stay up in bed, feeling worried becuz someone you care about could be in danger.

Mr Nutcase was out drinking with friends last nite.
Called me a couple of times,
oNly to let me hear that his ability to talk is worsening.
haHa you shud hav heard him...
He was slurring to the max.
But he got home safe.
So that's good enough...
And as a bonus, he did say he felt bad about making me worry.
Isn't that nice? And I didn't even hav to really snap at him.
aaaHh... the beauty of dating someone with brains.
*doubts* kekekee...

Anywayz, Selina suggested to have Maccas for dinner tonite.
It's just a 15 minutes walk to the one just above the street from where I live.
Maccas is so yummy.
Been a while since I last sunk my teeth into a McChicken burger.

Alritey... Need to reaaally start work on my advocacy now.
Wednesday. *shivers*
Again, lets just keep our fingers AND TOES crossed.


ps: Guess what? Summer decided to make an early visit.
Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse... *sigh*

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