October 16, 2005

Current Feeling; "LALA"

Im currently in B Block's computer lab...
It sucks here.
The air conditioning is not working,
and the printing card recharging machine isn't working.
It's 10pm by the way...
and raining.
Yet me and Selina had that rare motivation,
to take a 40 minutes bus ride and a 20 minutes walk to Uni.
We're here to print exam notes and lecture slides and etc.
Im so tired.

My dearie is back.
He miss called me after he arrived.
I wanna see him so badly...
But after cooking dinner a while ago,
I look like crap and smell like oil.
Definitely not how I wanna let him see me.

Nwayz, he said he might drop by at my place later.
I'm suppose to SMS him when I get home.
Its 10pm already. Shit.
How ah?

hehe We'll see.
Gosh... He's back!!
HE'S BACK!! muahaHhaaa..!!


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