October 4, 2005

Happy Moments? - So Yesterday!

Presentation went alrite.
The jitterbugs live to strike another day.
Next wednesday to be exact.
Thats when my advocacy is...
I've always liked advocacy.
Great to dress up all formal,
and talk in a moot court...
Only this time, my opponent is family.
Selina, to be exact.
She's the Crown Prosecutor this time around.
And I'm acting for the Defence, like last semester.
HahHa... last semester.
Poor Shaz. Got his ass kicked.
*actually I was just lucky*

It's coming to 4am...
But I'm stuck on MSN.
NOT against my own will. hahHhaa...
Damn. MSN is addictive.
As soon as u've got a convo going with a friend,
it's impossible to leave!!
I need to do my tute work for tomorrow!
*slaps self*

I dont know how to describe this feeling I'm feeling at the moment.
It's... bitter sweet, I think you can say.
No... maybe more like, bitter bitter and kinda sweet.
Hmm... I don't know.
All I can say is I was right from the start.
Good things don't last.

ps: I never learn from my mistakes...
Problem is, I only realise I redid my mistake,
AFTER redoing it. *sigh*

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