October 12, 2005

Email from an Idol!


I woke up this morning and checked my email.
And guess who I got a mail from?

Marty Worrall!!!!


How totally awesome is that huh?! haHaha...

Anywayz, its not really a SUDDEN thing...
Cuz Marty had email me before. :)
Back when Aussie Idol 2 was still on,
a group of online Marty fans were really tight.
I was called "Sweetz" due to my email...
- sweet_whisperzzz@yahoo.com -

Marty does come online to chat with us sometimes.
And he posts us pictures that he took during his Idol journey.
So yeaa peoplee... We get the inside scope of things. *grins*

So anywayz, during my fanatical-Marty period,
I wrote Marty a song called "My Inspiration"...
And it was only until a couple of months ago when I got it recorded.
After recording it, I thought, "hey, why not send it to Marty?"
So I did...

And this email I got today was a respond from him about the song.
He's such a sweetheart.
He made it sound like it was REALLY good.
But, hahaah I know better laaa... *blush*
Still... I'm stoked.
He actually heard my song and said I had a sweet voice.
*grinning till my cheek hurts*

Marty's first single is coming out in late October.
I'm so excited!
And Marty is soOoo sweeet!!!

*Sigh* What a wonderful Idol..
I feel so lucky!

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