October 21, 2005

Kick Back & RelaX

Im all sweaty and in need for a hot bath.
Went out with Shaz at noon for a jog and a little football session,
Then we went for a stroll around my neighbourhood.
After that, we had maccas...
(which I'd say defeated the entire purpose of working out)
ooH Guess what?!
There's actually a play ground around my area!!
I'm soOoo taking Selina there!

Top to Bottom: Shaz's broken ankle, Bad boy Shaz & sleepy Me,
*untitled* and Shaz getting ready to do sprints.

Anywayz, the "haHaha" on top is actually caused by something else.
Sherman just walked into my room and asked,
"Hey, I'm going out. What are u gonna have for dinner?"
(cuz Sheena and Selina are both out with their boyfriends)
And I said,
"Oh... Shaz said he'll be bringing dinner over later"
And my bro was like...
And I heard him laugh all the way down the stairs,
telling his friend,
"Oh hey, guess what? Now I dont have to worry about my sister anymore."
hahHaa... SheeSh...

I've got an eating disorder.
Im eating WAYYYYY too much than necessary.
Yesterday, I bought 4 different choc bars,
and today, I bought another 2 packs of Starbursts.
Then after Maccas, I came home and ate mud cake.
ANDDDD a quarter pack of my sour cream and onion chips!!
*eeeeks* HELP!!

*control control control*

Ok... Im gonna take a shower now.
Shaz has got a football tryout at 7.30pm...
Im sure he'll do great~
Then we're gonna hav dinner... :)

oH... by the way, my baby Ronaldo got arrested.
He's been accused of rape.
Like, WTF rite?
As if a guy of his potential need to rape girls.
Girls are more likely to rape HIM!
He'll be playing against Tottenham tomorrow.
I hope he's got his mind set and is ready for the game.
Glory Glory MU!!!

ohmegosh... I jez finished a pack of STarburst all by myself.

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