October 8, 2005

Reputation, What?!

I was baking today.
Some who read that line would think,
"What?! Sherlene Lee? Baking?!"
Thats what people think of me.

Then, if I were to tell people,
"Hey, guess wat? I'm with someone now."
People would think,
"What?! You?? In a relationship?!"
and then, they'd think,
"Ah... I'll give it 3 months max."
Given my luck,
Some people might even bet on it.

In a way,
its funny how people think the way they do about me.
To them,
Sherlene Lee is this silly twit who goes around flirting, saying sweet things to guys, making them feel special, when she absolutely has no intention of taking things further.
They call her a Flirt.
I'm a flirt.
*unenthusiastic "Yay"*

Honestly, I never really cared what people thought.
I always tell myself,
As long as I know myself and know what I'm doing,
it's fine.
Cuz I seriously have no intention to mislead anyone!
Besides, most of the time when I tell a guy he's hot,
I really do think he is.
"Sweet, hot, sexy, yummy..."
I meant those things.
Its just most girls don't say it out loud.
Here I am being honest, and my butt gets bitten in return.
You devils!!!

And besides,
Who says that just becuz someone says something nice about you,
it means they wanna jump your bone?

But... Here's the twist. The real prob.
Better known as "The Sucky Bit"
Now... the guy whom I really do think is...
"Hot, Sexy, Sweet, Yummy, Cute, Funny, Understanding, Crazy, Caring and an absolutely HoNey" ends up being the one who doesn't trust my intentions.
But yeAaa... I think he's awesome.
And I care about him more than he thinks.
Looks like I might need to hammer that into his head if I must.

So yeaa... haHaa *forceful laugh*
So much for thinking this whole reputation thing is funny.
Now I wish I could just go around saying,

"Reputation? What reputation?!"

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